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Why use your Prepare List program?

Stop handwriting your incomplete grocery list. Start using our FREE online Prepare List and prepare a uncluttered, categorized and accurate shopping list Today! The Prepare List is a unique online program that will allow you to see a very large list of possible groceries - thus you will get everything in one trip!

Is the Prepare List easy to use?

It's extremely easy and has ample room for special notes for all of the categories! Please do not be intimidated by this large form. It is our goal to give you a wide and accurate overall list of today's grocery items. The key is that by having this complete selection visible you will produce a more accurate shopping list when you actually view all types of products. Wouldn't it be nice to return home from grocery shopping and not having to say you forgot something!

Is there a very short and quick version?

Yes. We now offer a I'm In A Hurry - Short Version that allows you to simply type in the products under each category and print out a shopping list.

What is the best way to select items from the Prepare List page?

Check the appropriate items by scrolling completely down and up the items column. Once you have made your selections, Click on "Prepare Shopping List". If an item is not found in the prepared list, find the appropriate category note box and type the item name in there. Is a item just not on the list? Then please contact us.

What are those little text boxes below each category on the Prepare List page?

The small text boxes are very helpful to explain something special in that particular category. For example you selected Batteries. Well you could then place AAA or AA in the note box.
Note: The Category Notes box is limited to 50 characters or less!

Is that all of the coupons in the coupon section?

NO. This section will continue to expand over time with new coupons.

Is EZGrocery123.com going to expand this web site with other helpful tools?

Yes. Our team is already investigating many other helpful tools and features.

Can I contact EZGrocery123.com if I would like to make a suggestion?

Yes. You can contact us 24/7 using our Contact Page.


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